Joseph Dean Osgood

Original publication: Central News UK, 11th July 2016

A failed rock star who had just seen a record deal fall through told bemused onlookers he was ‘looking for Jesus’ after staggering drunkenly from his car.

Guitarist Joseph Dean Osgood, 37, was seen driving his black 1989 BMW erratically while blaring Vivaldi’s ‘The Four Seasons’ from the car stereo, City of London magistrates heard.

A witness saw him almost crashing into her daughter’s car as he attempted a reverse bay park in Portland Road, Notting Hill, where a friend of Osgood’s lived.

Prosecutor Carly Loftus said Osgood had a ‘glazed’ expression and was slurring his       voice after exiting the vehicle.

When asked what number on the road he was looking for, Osgood replied he was searching for the messiah and repeatedly said: ‘You can’t argue with the voice of reason’.

Police found Osgood lying on a bike shed in his friend’s garden with a can of Jim Beam whisky in his hand.

Osgood insisted he had not driven the BMW that evening, but was arrested when officers found his car engine was still warm.

After a breathalyser test Osgood was found to have 103 micrograms of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath in his system, almost three times the drink drive limit.

Henry Dixon, defending, said: ‘He had a record deal fall through the week before and
had on the night of the offence had an argument with his sister who he lived with.

‘He was a man of previously good character who had erred in exceptional circumstances. He was driving to a friend for consolement.’

Osgood of Guthrie Street, Kensington, was convicted of drink driving.

He received a two year driving suspension, with six months reduced upon completion of   a drink driving awareness course. He was also sentenced to 120 hours of community service, and ordered to repay £710 in costs.

Magistrate Margaret Thompson told him: ‘Drink driving is a dangerous offence. When you get behind the wheel of a car after drinking you are risking people’s lives.’

The court heard Osgood has in the past played as a support act for The Faces, and in 2014 music from his debut album was added to the playlists of British Airways flights.

Osgood released his debut album ‘Rock n’ Roll Man’ in 2010 but it was panned by the critics and he has since sunk into relative obscurity.


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