Kindness Offensive

The Kindness Offensive: Every child in hospital to receive presents this Christmas

Kindness Offensive
A young girl at Guy’s Hospital unwraps her present.

Charity the Kindness Offensive have launched a world-record breaking toy drive to give presents to children in need this Christmas.

Kindness Offensive 4

The Kindness Offensive plans to deliver over 20,000 presents to hospitals, care homes and refugee children before December 25th, breaking their own previous record of 15,000 in 2014. The drive was kicked off by a massive gift wrapping session at a London office space over a quarter of a mile long.

Kindness Offensive 5

Presents were then shipped onto the Kindness Offensive bus to Guy’s Hospital in nearby Southwark. Toys ranging from Transformers figurines to tricycles were handed out to the hospitalised children. Eight year old George Jackson, who was first admitted into hospital in March, said of his lightsaber: “this is amazing. My cousin’s going to be so jealous!”

Kindness Offensive 6

Speaking of the toy drive, George’s mother Andrea said: “It’s amazing, I feel overwhelmed by it. It just makes the kids day so much better. They could be going through some horrible stuff here, and then this happens, and it just changes everything for a little while.”

Kindness Offensive 7

The Kindness Offensive is a charity that prides itself on ‘random acts of kindness’. Co-founder of the charity David Goodfellow said: “We’re not a business, we’re not a religion, we’re not an NGO, we’ve no official kind of structure. We’re a group of friends who get together, our ethos is as simple as ‘having fun with kindness.’’

Kindness Offensive 8

Presents for this year’s toy drive were donated from companies such as Lush Cosmetics and XL Catlin, who also provided the floor space for the present wrapping. Vanya Harris, spokesperson for XL Catlin, said: “Corporate social responsibility is a key part of our business and this event is a way for us to get closer to communities whilst having an amazing amount of fun too.” 

The Kindness Offensive is known throughout the rest of the year for it’s colourful HQ in Islington, as well as fundraising drives and charity language events.

Kindness Offensive 2

 Christopher Marchant (@BrianInvincible)


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