Finsbury Park- Which way will you be voting?

Finsbury Park

With the most important election in a generation looming, both Labour and Conservatives are declaring themselves the best choice for small businesses. I interviewed shop owners and employees of independent stores in Finsbury Park to find out which way they’ll be voting on 7th May.

Noelina Louwaga

Assistant Manager, Station Place Off-Licence

Labour is my party. You know why? We are working, but with no contract. A zero hours contract. They [the Conservatives] don’t look after us. My child minder charges more money than I earn. I don’t get any support.

Arkin Izzigil

Manager, E.Mono Kebab House (Station Close)

I used to vote for Labour, but this time I think I’m going to stick by the Conservatives. They’ve done a good job so far. UKIP also has a different perspective when it comes to the Euro. Our economy is far better than Europe, which is in chaos, so I agree with that too.

Alam Khan

Assistant Manager, Homix Hardware Store (Blackstock Road)

I will be voting for the Labour Party. They will rebuild a strong economy and the NHS, which now is terrible.

Christopher Evans

Owner of Blighty Café (Blackstock Road)

My gut feeling tells me I’ll end up voting Tory. For me it’s a case of continue the direction we’re headed, out of the recession, and as a business owner I don’t want any big change to come about.


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